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For birders and nature lovers, no visit to South Texas is complete without a stop at the Sanctuary. It is home to many native species of plants and animals that reach the northernmost limit of their Mexican range here and do not occur elsewhere in the U.S. Cradled in a bend of the Rio Grande along the U.S./Mexico border, the Sanctuary harbors one of the most beautiful and critical ecosystems of South Texas and Northern Mexico. Sabal Palms once grew profusely along the edge of the Rio Grande in small stands or groves extending about 80 miles upstream from the Gulf of Mexico. Today, only a small portion of that forest remains, protected on 557 acres of this Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is dedicated to instilling a shared appreciation and sense of stewardship for the natural world through hands-on nature education, citizen science and preservation of the Sanctuary.

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Common birds likely to be seen:

  • Greenjay
  • Chachalaca
  • Black-crested titmouse
  • Long-billed thrasher
  • Olive sparrow
  • Northern Cardinal
  • Altamira oriole
  • Golden-fronted woodpecker
  • White-tipped dove
  • Northern mockingbird
  • Least grebe
  • Ladder-backed woodpecker
  • Buff-bellied hummingbird

The Sanctuary features

  • Over 3 miles of nature trails with six viewing areas.
  • Short walk down to an observation deck overlooking the Rio Grande.
  • Wheelchair-accessible observation deck, Forest Trail, and photo blind.
  • Weekly (seasonal) Guided Nature Walk & History Presentation.
  • Wide selection of nature oriented books in our Gift shop.
  • Wildlife presentations, workshops, and special events as announced.